Wrapping Your Candy Gifts

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ve likely started to think about what you’ll be getting your loved ones (if you haven’t already started to buy stuff). Sometimes, however, the one thing you got doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Or you’re at a total loss as to what you want to get for your distant family members.

Well, candy boxes are a staple for these situations. There’s not many people out there who won’t eat gifted candies, whether they’re chocolates, truffles, or other unique sweets.

The problem is, though, that sometimes it can seem like a cop out to get someone “just” candies. Whether it’s seen as cheap or uninspired, the thought may cross some recipients’ minds. Luckily, you can alleviate this possibility by throwing in a little bit of work to up the presentation of the gift. At the very least, spicing up the packaging will show that you put forth effort in making it look nice, and your recipient will appreciate the effort.

Here are a few ways to show you tried a bit more than simply purchasing a box of chocolates.

Ribbons and bows.

This is rather minimal in that you’re taking two strands of ribbon to wrap around the box each way to make a crossing pattern, though you can shirk the wrapping paper here. Slapping a nice bow on top of the crossed ribbons is perfect and shows it’s a gift ready to be given. This method is great when the gift is a little extra to the main gift you’re giving.


Wrapping your candy boxes in wrapping paper like any other gift is just as viable, especially if you plan to only give a box of candy and no other gifts to your recipient. At the very least they’ll realize it as a prepared gift and be thankful for the gesture, even if it’s not exactly tailored to them.


Though this is rather uncommon, you can always stack a box of candy on top of another item, whether this is in a bag or you’ve wrapped two items together in a box. Packing multiple things together creates a sense of “value” in one gift, so the candies are an extra special little find within the package.

No matter which method you choose to go with for your gift candies this year, don’t hand a box of candies to your family member with no sense of wrapping or gift presentation.