Why Monthly Subscription Boxes of Candy are Successful

Candy is typically associated with children and holidays. If you’re under the age of 13 or it’s Halloween or Easter, candy is prevalent in your life.

What about candy year-round, though? Can you imagine paying for candy every month of the year? Seems to be a bit much, especially with what dentists tell you: don’t eat too much or your teeth will rot.

Just another cog in the fad of subscription boxes.

Well, just like all subscription-based services, candy has found its way into homes on a monthly basis thanks to the subscription box craze. It makes sense, though. Why would other products work on a month-to-month schedule and not candy? Especially when it’s unique, foreign, or seasonal candy that is deemed “exclusive” and “limited edition.”

Thanks to candy boxes, candy is more than just the sweet treat itself. It’s the presentation of that treat, the colors that accompany the sugary snack. Specific art on the boxes can trigger emotions and desires to buy the product because of its look, its statement, or its ability to stand out among other candies. It’s how marketing applies to all sorts of products.

Why these services instead of buying candy at your local grocery?
Why would they be successful in the first place? Why do people desire a lot of candy each month?

It’s not that any one of these services ships out that much candy, really. Spread out over a month, there may be a different treat to have every three days or so. That’s not a whole lot.

What makes it tick, though, seems to be the specialness of it. The feeling of gifting yourself something new and exciting every month is a powerful one, especially to break up the monotony of life. People crave the feeling of opening something familiar but unknown to them.

Another factor is how easy it is to simply sign up for a product and have it delivered to you. No going out of your way to find different candies. No driving to the store. It’s packaged nice and neat for you and sent to you. Sure takes the work off your end, doesn’t it?

When it comes down to it, subscription candy boxes are just another box checked off on the list of “Things to Make into Subscription Companies”. But, just like all the items on that list, it’s a profitable service.Why? Because people want it.