Re-purposing Cardboard Boxes

Although many things change and develop with time, there are still a few things where the original design is still the best. One of these items is the cardboard box. It is said that the cardboard box dates all the way back to 1817! In today’s world with all of the technology and “better ways to do things”, it is estimated that 90% of all items shipped, use some type of cardboard packaging. Surprising isn’t it! That being said, as a result, that’s a lot of waste when we are done with the box!

This useful guide will help you not only reduce the waste, but also provide useful ways to make your life a daily tasks easier and cheaper. Impress your friends with your creativity!

1. Re-Gifting
This one is my favorite. Usually you can find a box to fit the item better without the need for all of that messy Styrofoam packing. The best part is that it adds an additional element of surprise with the receiver unwraps the gift. The box doesn’t give away what’s inside!

2. Napkin Bands
These are a great way to spice up any event. It really adds class to any event when the napkins are rolled neatly with a touch of creativity. All you need is tube from a paper towel roll and some fabric. You can usually get the fabric as scraps from a fabric shop.

3. Storage.
Cardboard boxes have many options. You can cover the box with fabric, or even paint it with left over paint from when you painted the room. The paint or fabric with some tacks or pins from a craft store lets you personalize as much or little as you wish.

4. Cats Love It!
Let’s face it, cats love empty boxes! Why, we do not know but they love them. You can use anything from a heavy duty thick box, to a tissue box. Basically give them the box and sit back and watch.

5. Painting
It’s always good to have extra cardboard around when doing painting jobs. It works great as a floor covering to keep paint from getting everywhere. It even works to wipe off excess paint from brushes when done.

6. Wall Art
Cardboard boxes that are small and thin are great ways to make neat wall art. You can personalize it to your liking. Different sizes, shapes and thicknesses allow you to add some dimension to the art as well.

7. Bird Feeder
This is a great way to recycle. Birds are like cats, for some reason they like the natural smell of cardboard. Usually a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll or similar works great. Fill it or cover it with birdseed then sit back and watch.

8. Packing
Just as you can re-use a box to ship something, you can also use a box for packing. You can use it to add packing material or even smaller boxes in a larger box. It works great and is very universal.

These are just a few things that cardboard can be re-purposed for. There are many others. The best way to find those uses is whenever you are in a pinch, ask yourself if cardboard can be used as a solution. You may be surprised!