Great Cheap Storage Organization Ideas

Organizing any area of the home or possessions starts with what to use. These are things like the little cardboard boxes that are sturdy and fitted together using a clip or even glue. They can be used in drawers for divided storage for flatware, lipstick, pens or other items.

Jars of different sizes attached to a shelf, cabinet or table is a common type of storage for the wood shop, garage, basement, craft room or home office. The lid can be nailed or super glued to the underside of the surface and then twist the jars into place.

Cleaning up accessories in the closet is easily done using S hooks on the closet bar to hang purses and other accessories that are often put on the shelf or floor. Saving plastic can be organized by saving empty tissue boxes. If that is too bulky an empty paper towel tube can be used. The perfect way to wrap gifts for tangle-free ribbon is to slide the ribbon spools on a tabletop paper towel holder going from largest to smallest rolls of ribbon.

Coloring books, crayons, and markers can be organized using a dish drying rack. The coloring books can be placed like dishes in the rack and crayons or makers in the utensil container. Storage for small odds and ends like paper clips, pins, rubber bands and other things can be kept in spice containers found at kitchen supply stores.

Cords are always a problem, computer and related accessories can create a lot of cords. A small hook can be screwed into the under part of the desk to hang them. The cords can be labeled using adhesive file folder labels and writing the name of what they connect too. Another idea for the cords is to use Velcro to contain them. Use a ladies stretchy slacks sock with the toe cut out to hold the cords together.

Pan lids can be a problem when storing pots and pans. An easy way to stop this problem is by using a tension rod the right size to fit the cupboard or drawer being used. Then the lids can be stacked on one side, standing on their end will take less room.

Necklaces and bracelets can be difficult to find in drawers or even jewelry boxes and they can become tangled. The way to solve this problem is by using a wall-mounted coat rack or even key rack. Another idea is to mount a cork board where the necklaces and bracelets can be hung on pins.

Wrapping paper can become wrinkled and creased if not stored properly and one way to avoid this by using pants or skirt hangers. Gift bags handles hook over the hanger top and a hanging shoe organizer can hold scissors, gift tags, tape, bows and other gift wrapping supplies.

Organizing larger items is possible using a pegboard and hooks. The pegboard for sports items or yard tools should have holes that are 1/4 inch. This will allow three sizes of hooks to be used, 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch.

A way to keep sets of place mats and napkins organizes is by placing the sets in large plastic seal bags and labeling. Cookie sheets and cutting boards can be put in a standing rack. Empty votive candle holders can be used to hold toothpicks, paper clips, and small items. Plastic divided containers can hold crayons, color pencils, glue sticks, scissors to consolidate them. Desktop organizers can be used to hold makeup, cotton swabs, and other items. Colored bins or cardboard boxes can be used for each family member to keep keys, other items.