Preparing For Your Move with These Simple Tips

Moving is stressful. Whether your things are going to a storage unit or moving to your new home, there are plenty of points to consider before you do, such as how you are going to transport your supplies. Picking the right packaging supplies for your items is one of the single most important things to do to protect your belongings and ensure a safe and smooth move wherever you need to be.

What Moving Supplies You May Need

Boxes: A staple to any move is putting your things into boxes. A sturdy cardboard box will guard your items and prevent valuable, fragile belongings from getting banged up and broken. Ensure that you have plenty of different sizes from which to choose. There are also specialized boxes that allow you to quickly and easily pack things like dishes and clothes to save time and money later. Remember to use new boxes, as old boxes may have suffered from the last move, becoming flimsy and susceptible to splitting.

Packing Paper/Peanuts: Once you have your boxes filled, you should focus on filling them with paper or peanuts. These are designed to fill out any unused space left in the box and absorb shock from bumps during transport. If anything shifts while in storage, the items won’t have anywhere to fall.

Bubble/Shrink Wrap: More than just a stress relief, bubble wrap can be used to wrap up large, fragile items such as televisions and computers. For mirrors and other large, flat items, you can use shrink wrap to protect them from scrapes and scratches.

Packing Tape: Tape is a necessity if you plan on sealing your newly filled boxes at all. Add stability to your boxes by doubling up on tape to the bottom and sides, as well as any weak points. If your items are heavy, definitely ensure that your boxes are well sealed so that the bottoms do not fall out.

Markers: Now that you have packed, protected, and sealed your boxes, you should mark them with a marker to remember what exactly is inside. You can write a broad term such as ‘kitchen,’ or you can be very specific and list the types of items that are packed within. Unpacking then becomes a very simple process.

Mattress Covers: These handy wraps are akin to big, thick, plastic bags that you slide over your bed to defend against dirt, grease, and scraping. They are also a necessity for when you are keeping mattresses in storage, and it protects against the build-up of dust and mites.

Furniture Covers: Similar to mattress covers, furniture covers are designed to prevent dust and bugs from making their way into your expensive furniture. It also allows the cloth to breathe, meaning humidity doesn’t get trapped against your couch cushions and get moldy. When retrieving your furniture from storage, it’s as simple as taking off the covers and enjoying your couch as fresh as when you put it away.

Estimate How Many Packaging Supplies You Need

Save yourself some money and a trip to the supply store by planning out roughly how many materials you will need to complete your move. There are numerous websites online that can do this for you, but it is all dependent on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you want to move. A three bedroom home can take as many as 16 large and extra-large boxes, 18 medium boxes, 20 small boxes, six rolls of tape, and bubble wrap to fill it all out. Knowing what to have and an estimate of the packaging supplies you will need can save you time, money, and stress in the long haul.