When To Use Pallet Top Sheeting

If you are a business who consistently ships large orders on pallets, you are very well aware of how often and easily shipments can get damaged. That is why you take all of the necessary precautions in order to keep your palettes safe. Yes, within your palettes you probably have individually packaged cardboard boxes or some other type of packaging supplies. Yet, you know that sometimes a cardboard box isn’t enough to completely keep your shipment safe from dust, moisture, or UV rays. This is why pellet top sheeting was invented.

Pallets top sheeting is a polyethylene plastic material that normal comes in pre-perforated sheets. These sheets are flat and can be easily torn and placed on top of your pallet shipments and products.  Thickness and the sheets will vary, but one of the most common thicknesses is about 1.5 mil thick. As far as cost goes, these sheets tend to fairly inexpensive, with each sheet costing only $0.50 on average. The benefits to using these sheets are numerous, and can often times save you loads of money in the end.

By using pallet top sheeting, you can further guarantee the safety of a shipment against different environmental aspects such as dust, moisture, and UV rays. However, a shipment is not the only time and place these sheets are appropriate. For instance, if you need to store items long term, these sheets can help protect your valuables against the same elements as you would in shipping. These sheets can be especially beneficial when it comes to keeping products unsoiled, like clothing, that otherwise might need to be washed and cleaned before being able to actually sell said product. Or, let’s say you need to store electronics long-term, pallet top sheeting can literally be the difference in whether or not your electronic devices survive. This is because electronics are susceptible to dust, and can damaged over time if too much dust collects.

Another instance in which pallet top sheeting can be helpful is in a wet and humid environment. Like with dust. Condensation, humidity, and moisture can be extremely damaging to a vast number of products. And if you are shipping products all around the country, or world, you’re going to need something that will help protect your products through the changing climates. It’s important to note that if the environment your product will encounter is one of high humidity and low moisture, top sheeting is the perfect option. However, in a high moisture environments pallet covers or pallet shrink bags will tend to be a better option.

Finally, pallet top seeding is also very beneficial when it comes to protecting your products against UV rays. In fact, by combining opaque sheeting with opaque stretch film you can block out about 99% of all harmful UV rays. This will help keep your products and being damaged or prevent them from fading. It’s interesting how many people don’t realize how damaging UV rays can be. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your products/investment is protected.

Pallet top sheeting is a packaging option that is definitely worth the investment. It’s easy to manage, inexpensive, and will protect your cardboard boxes and pallets from damage during shipment or storage. Believe us when we say, you won’t regret it.