Top 5 Myths About Air Freight Shipping

When it comes to shipping, weather its for a business or a move, it can be a daunting experience. Do you rent a truck? Use a moving company? Go through a shipping supplies company? Send it by boat? A plane? Superman? Plus, then you have the factor of cost, and we all know it can get expensive. So the, what’s a good choice? How do you make an informed decision on weather or not one-way is better than another? Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what the right answer is, but we can shed light on one particular method and help you make a more informed decision. So, let’s talk about Air Freight Shipping.

Air Freight Shipping isn’t necessarily the most used option, but it is a good one. It tends to be fast, reliable, and safe when trying to ship a more valuable item. However, a few myths have developed over the years, and we’re here to help se the record straight.

Myth #1: Anything Can Be Shipped By Air

This is actually not true. The size of the plane will dictate its weight and size requirement. So, larger items, such as large pieces of furniture may be too big or heavy to ship by air. And then of course you have those items that pose a threat to yourself and others. I.e. gases, flammable products, explosives, toxic and biochemical items, etc.

Myth #2: Valuable Items Should Be Shipped Only By Air

While this myth has some merit, it’s in fact fiction. Yes, shipping supplies or valuable items by air tends to be safer due to high levels of security at airports. However, shipping valuable items comes down to an issue of insurance rather than shipping method. If you chose to ship by air, make sure you go with a company that offers a coverage policy that will insure your item in the rare chance that something were to happen.

Myth #3: The Heavier The Item, The More Expensive it is to Ship

This myth is definitely not true. Yes, on some level this seems to be logical. But, what dispels this myth is the fact that airplanes tend to “cube out” before they “weigh out”. Meaning your lighter, but bigger box can actually be more expensive to ship than your little heavy crate. The takeaway? Make sure when you ship by air you pack your items in the smallest possible package.

Myth #4: Items Shipped By Air Will Not Be Opened

Again, not true. Due to a crack down in airport security, bags and packages will be chosen at random by security to be opened up and inspected. So, how should this play a role in your decision process? If you choose air freight shipping make sure you use a carrier that will provide the proper packaging to ensure your items are replaced safely, were they to be opened.

Myth #5: Air Shipping Is The Only Way To Meet Your Deadline

Once more, this is actually fiction. Yes, air shipping normally does tend to be the fastest way to get your packages where they need to go on time. However, there are factors, such as bad weather, that can shut down an airport and keep your package from leaving. Yes, ground delays can happen as well, but they tend to be shorter in duration than air delays. With that being said, shipping supplies by air is on average the fastest way, but we can’t say it’s the only way for your packages to meet a deadline.

Hopefully this article has shed a little more light for you on the air freight world. This shipping option is just one of several that could help you achieve your shipping goals and needs. The key is to understand the different options so you can best make an informed decision on what’s right for you.