Ten Pretty Great Organizing Hacks

Since the introduction of Pinterest, home organizing has never ben so simple.  Apparently there are a lot of people out there with really clever ideas on how to maximize space and efficiency in your home, using everything from cardboard boxes to old jars.  It’s pretty incredible.

While I definitely suggest you should jump on and check it out for yourself, here are a couple pretty cool ideas to wet your whistle:

  • Instead of throwing out those little jewelry cardboard boxes (you know you hate to), clip them together, side by side, to use as drawer organizers for small office supplies, craft supplies, or jewelry.



  • Baby food jars make amazing woodshop/tool bench organizers. There’s a reason you saw old jelly jars full of nails in your grandpa’s garage back in the day.  You can even attach the lids to the underside of a shelf so that all you have to do is screw and unscrew the jar.
  • Shower curtain hooks hanging from your closet bar are an awesome way to store purses.


  • This is one my favorite: those tissue cardboard boxes with the hole in the middle?  Save them!  And then stuff them with plastic bags and keep one under each sink in the house.
  • If you are big into gift-wrapping, or scrap-booking, a paper towel holder makes a great post to hold your spools of ribbons.
  • If you have the extra space, you can use a dish-drying rack to store coloring supplies. Put the coloring books where the plates would normally go, and then fill the utensil caddy with markers or crayons.


  • Plain old Velcro makes a great electric cord organizer. You can buy all sorts of crazy, inventive items to help do this same task, but why not just spend five bucks and keep it simple?
  • Once again, if you are into gift-wrapping, scrap-booking, or all other types of craft-making, using a pants hanger to hang up gift bags, sheets of wrapping paper, or pieces of cloth is an awesome solution to making sure that nothing gets crinkled or ruined.
  • Using a desk organizer to sort your cutting boards and cookie sheets on the counter top is an awesome clutter- (and noise-) free option.


  • Assign a bin to each member of the family where you can put things that you find laying around, or where you can prepare for the day ahead of you. Like Katie’s pair of sunglasses goes in Katie’s bin (if you are feeling generous), or Katie’s signed permission slip goes in Katie’s bin.