Homemade Candies and Boxes for Valentine’s Day

Homemade candy is a perfect gift for any occasion, but you can really seal the deal if you wrap that sweet treat up in DIY candy boxes.  People are really getting into homemade stuff these days.  I remember when everything was DIY in the 80s because no one had much money.  I still don’t think people have much money but credit cards have really been embraced so I wouldn’t be surprised if all those DIY supplies have been charged and the whole thing has become, yet another, popularity contest.


Wow!  Way to be a Debbie Downer about homemade candy… I apologize.  Regardless of the socioeconomic implications of homemade candy boxes, they are super fun to make, super adorable, and super appreciated by anyone from any walk of life.  Here’s how to get ‘er done:

You can buy some plain, heart-shaped candy boxes at your local craft stores or you can even find some at department stores like Target.  If you really aren’t interested in the scavenger hunt for the perfect boxes, you can buy ones that already have chocolate in them (you can get them for like a dollar at most stores) and then just give the original box a makeover.

Materials you will Need-

  • Small candy boxes
  • Craft paper with cute designs on it
  • the normal stuff like scissors, pencil, glue, tape…
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • small candy papers or crepe/tissue paper

If you bought prepackaged candy boxes from the grocery store, remove the candies and the plastic liner.  This will be the starting point for the empty craft boxes.  Paint the sides of the top and bottom pieces.  You can paint the inside of the bottom box, too, if you any form of OCD (like myself).  When the paint has dried, place the lid upside down on the decorative paper and trace it.  Cut it out and glue it to the top.  Once again, if the OCD is singing to you, you can do this to the bottom of the box.

Once you’ve made your candy, use the candy papers or cut out circles of crepe/tissue paper to use as candy papers.


I personally recommend that you try making White Chocolate Cereal Truffles.  These are just amazing, and that’s probably because you put crushed cereal inside of them.  Fruit loops tend to be my favorite because they are colorful.  These are so stinking easy to make!  You need five simple ingredients.  After you’ve prepared the truffle insides and it is setting in the fridge, you prepare the outer shell.  When the inside has hardened and you can form it into a ball you dip it into the melted chocolate, cover with sprinkles, and put back in the fridge.  Can I get a “voila!”?

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!