Five Tips for Moving on a Budget

Moving on a budget seems like a bad joke that someone made at an awkward party.  It seems like something that you snort about and then have to apologize because you realize that the other person was being serious.  Well, I’m here to tell you that moving on a budget is totally feasible, and even encouraged!


There are so many different options and strategies for saving as much money as possible (to include finding cheap moving boxes, cheap moving help, and simply how to maximize your resources).  Here are just five of them that should get you well on your way to moving on a budget:

ONE: it’s not always cheapest to do your own move.  Compare quotes from several different movers, keeping in mind that the moving off season is usually the fall and winter, when their moving prices should be lower.  Also, most people don’t know that you can negotiate with a moving company to get the best price.

TWO: did you know that you don’t have to buy boxes?  Cheap moving boxes are just as much a reality as moving on a budget (and a crucial part of the whole shebang).  I once read that “moving boxes are the building blocks of moving” and I think that sums it up perfectly.  There are SO many options for obtaining free boxes that there is no need to spend exorbitant prices.  Search behind department stores for discard boxes, search Craigslist and FreeCycle for free boxes.  Worst comes to worst, you can find cheap moving boxes through online, wholesale retailers.

THREE: shut off some of your services early.  You don’t need cable that last month before you leave, anyway!  You should be spending your time packing and prepping for a garage sale, which is an awesome way to actually MAKE money during a move.  There are also some services like Utilities Concierge that help you find the best prices on utilities where you are moving.


FOUR: Did you notice that I mentioned a garage sale?  Going through all of your belongings and purging  is a great idea in more ways than one.  You can actually earn money at a garage sale, you can get a tax deduction if you donate, and you are also reducing the overall weight of what you are trying to move, which will save you money in the actual moving process.

FIVE: You can actually pay the USPS to ship your books, thereby saving yourself money on weight, once again.  Also, save all of your receipts.  Every last one of them.  You might be able to deduct the move from your taxes if you qualify.  Onc last helpful hint: coffee filters are a super cheap, super awesome material to protect your breakable a with.