One Thousand Shipping Boxes

You Know that song, “A Candle in the Wind”, sung by none other than Elton John? (What am I talking about, of course you do…) Well, my favorite character from my favorite TV show (Andy, from Parks and Recreation), was trying to figure out what song he should play for this huge concert the Parks and Rec department was putting on, and he was saying how his song would have to be a thousand times better than “A Candle in the Wind”. Which would be…? Obviously, “One Thousand Candles in the Wind’.

Maybe you had to be there, but it’s freaking hilarious, and it ties in today because what is better than one shipping box? One thousand shipping boxes! Preposterous, you say! Nay, say I! For, indeed, at there are over one thousand shipping boxes to choose from. I kid you not. Of course there are four main categories, each consisting of their own subcategories, and so when it is all said and done there are over a thousand different sizes to choose from these many varieties and sub-varities, but that doesn’t change how awesome it is. There is no such thing as having too many kinds of boxes.

However, there is such a thing as not having enough. The right size box is a pretty big deal, especially to people with OCD. And this is not a jab at people with OCD, or else I would be jabbing at myself. This is just a simple fact of life. So when you are looking for a box to send off your oddly shaped gift, or even just to stick some oddly-shaped thing in the attic for a while, or even just something that is really big, or something that is really small, you can be assured that you have options to choose from.

One thing everyone can agree upon is that we all love options. Granted, too many options can be pretty overwhelming, but when it comes to shipping boxes you already have a general size in mind, so that narrows it down considerably. The packaging and shipping industry is vast indeed, and can be kind of overwhelming to navigate through. I think a lot of times, as consumers, we will spend more money on something we can see. Thankfully, the concept of shipping boxes is pretty cut and dry, and at it is one thousand times better!