Christmas with Bin Liners

I’m pretty sure Santa Claus uses bin liners. I imagine his toy shop is just full of bins, which means he needs the liners. I picture his factory with these gigantic bins of all sizes lining the walls, lined with the liners, and full of all of those pieces and parts that he makes all those toys with. I’m sure, in the past, the bins were full of plaid cloth squares, and fluff, and googly eyes. Nowadays they are probably full of buttons, and batteries, and wheels. Things have really changed. But probably not the bins and bin liners. I bet you that Santa Claus buys them from, too.

09D060_1Even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, which I wouldn’t you blame for (I mean, really, the whole thing doesn’t make much sense, and I hope you don’t mind me saying it), it’s probably at least easy to believe in bin liners. I’m not suggesting you start trying to convince your kids that bin liners have some sort of magical properties, and it would be hard-pressed to center that around Christmas of all things. BUT, when you think about toy shops, bins and bin liners make a lot of sense. And if you aren’t thinking about toy shops they still make sense for any kind of shop. Even for the supplier of the shop.

When you start breaking it down, I suppose it all starts with the suppliers. The suppliers need to have the bins in the first place and, therefore, they need to have the liners. They then fill said bins with the product, and ship them to the manufacturer, who opens them and has access to the product while they make what they are selling. Sure, Santa could just throw some bins in the back of the sleigh and drive out into his magical wonderland. I’m sure the elves pull cotton stuffing off the trees and stuff those bin liners. I’m sure they look underneath cute little plants and find Hot Wheels parts sprouting up, just waiting to be plucked.

There is probably a magical bird who lays plastic eggs, which are harvested and then melted down and poured into molds of all kinds… I think I’m getting carried away, but you get my point. It’s easy for Santa. Not so much for the laymen. There are many necessary steps that need to be taken in the industrial world this side of the North Pole, and bin liners have their necessary place amongst it all.