The Benefits of Recycled Packaging 

When you’re trying to get more customers, your packaging might be what’s holding you back. With over 70% of consumers choosing to be more eco-friendly and sustainable, if you’re a company that isn’t, it’s going to damage you.

Even “recycled” plastics may also not be recycled. They tend to lead more to landfills than to a recycling plant.

That’s why sustainable packaging that’s recyclable might be the answer to look into. 

The Benefits for the environment 

For a lot of people, packaging is crucial for protection, information displaying, and boosting your marketing.

But one conventional approach that packaging offers has also been a problem. The environmental crises have started to happen, due to the onslaught of single-use plastics, along with non-recycled types of materials.  They’ve led to landfills that are overflowing, waters that get polluted, and ecosystems that harm people.

Many consumers do understand that which is why over 80% of them actually think that these retailers will curb this plastic packaging.

What’s your alternative though? Recyclable packaging will boost the image of the brand, and bolster sales too. 

The Best Packaging: corrugated board 

Corrugated board or cardboard is considered one of the best types of packaging, not just for protection, but also on a sustainability level. 

Many corrugated boards have two types of outer layers, known as linerboard.  Then in the middle, is fluting. Fluting offers durability and is good for protecting products when they’re shipped out. 

It’s one of the best and most popular types of packaging and is used to transit items across many distances. 

Corrugated also is much more renewable, so it’s far less harmful to the world around you than plastics and other packaging. 

The Benefits of Corrugated Packaging 

There are a few benefits that come with corrugated packaging.

The first is that it does reduce waste. This is due to it being customizable, so that the material waste is eliminated. its’ formatted so that it fits around products snugly and reduces this material and interior packaging that’s used.  This is good for eliminating packaging peanuts.

Corrugated also doesn’t minimize the upfront waste, but it also reduces the material wasting that happens after you’ve shipped out something.  Corrugated is very recycled, especially compared to plastics.  Many times, a lot of it is disposed of as a residue, especially when you use this.  recycled corrugated material is better, and it reduces the energy within incinerators and waste.

It also is good for resources and energy conservation. Many recycled packaging options don’t just result in less waste transported to landfills, but it also provides a better way to conserve resources and energy. Due to the fact that corrugated is very recyclable, it’s made primarily with materials that are reused, creating more powerful results than if you just used other types of options. 

Because of the low amounts of recyclability, a lot of plastic packaging is virgin. Virgin packaging is not good for the environment, especially since many times virgin packaging is discarded into the oceans and landfills.  You also need to use more energy to build and craft new plastics.  Did you know that plastic is responsible for 3% of the total energy consumption within the US? This is actually double what the aviation industry does, so it’s important for a lot of people to look at this.

Corrugated paperboard does use energy, but it’s usually about a third of this, and a lot of times there’s far less virgin packaging with that regard.

Keep this in mind and choose the right packaging that best fits your needs. 

Packaging Stationery Products 

Stationery is something that’s very interesting, because in order to do well with this, you want to make sure that you humanize it. 

Thank-you letters and notes are good, and stationery is something that’s become quite unique for a lot of companies. 

With the pandemic making human interaction a mess, you want to make sure that you let people know that you’re happy to give them something or thanking them for the purchase. 

Here are some stationery packaging designs that are good and will bring smiles to the faces of customers. 


Crisp and clean paper is something that you can’t compete with.

Paper quality along with the messages are a driving force to bring about the best experience that recipients can have.  This gives thought, care, and helps with message crafting. 

Crane is unique because they offer an intimacy that you get from their physical messages, and this is especially true during a very technologically-advanced sort of time. 

They’ve changed the packaging, providing a rigid box that will protect these items, and also looks good on shelves in office stores and spaces.  They also use engravings, along with some secondary colors to provide warmth, along with a minimalistic look.

It is great too, because you can use this, and it’s different from generic paper. 

New Zealand Public Service Association 

The New Zealand PSA is something that’s interesting because it’s stationery that actually targets intriguing cases and provides a cause and means for people to support. 

This packaging and stationery is targeted to discuss the pay gap between genders, a problem in New Zealand and other places. 

They use a white, soft pink, along with a copper that’s used to push out the gender norms which are outdated, further reminding people of the ongoing issue of pay imbalance between women and men. 

Furthermore, they utilize customized inserts in order to show that women get pushed into a mold, one which society creates for them.  This packaging provides awareness to issues, and also allows for empowerment, and push towards better pay. 

Louise Fili Brilliant 

This is a unique type of packaging, especially since it’s for pencils, used for creativity.  They’re made for adults, and it gives them a chance to write and tap into those creative needs that they have. 

They use a printed rigid box, which gives them protection and storage that can’t be beaten. 

This packaging further provides a delightful look, and it gives a more vintage sort of look with different patterns, fonts, colors, and even hints of some shine in order to provide a complement to more metallic sorts of pencils. 

While colored pencils have been something that children use a lot, these are good for adults to harness their creativity, and imagination. 

Handmade Memories 

This is a packaging of stationary that MH Studios has made and is made to bring about the importance of care in messages that are personalized. 

The brand is further signified through different primary colors including cream, lavender, and the like, in order to provide more refined and modest types of composition. The golden logo that’s there adds to the premium experience. 

They use a customized tray and sleeve type of box for this, because it lets users easily access these products from the desks, shelves, and the like, while also offering protection to integrity and quality of each of the contents. 

Further, there’s a ribbon within this, and it allows for a variety of different selections of sheets, so you can get them out without wrinkling them.

The packaging was made to be thought-out, as a memento to make it a unique experience. 

Custom Poly Bags 

Poly bags are ideal for securing your products, the shipments, and are good for branding. Plus, they’re totally recyclable. 

Most guidelines form amazon state specifically that ply bags are good for packaging different products with a large scent, any liquids, or other products that might destroy or spill onto these shipped types of packaging.

Here, we have a screenshot of the different types of poly bag packaging that’s used. 

Poly Units 

Poly units that protect the requirements for most packaging need to have the following: 

  • A five inch opening or greater, especially measured when it’s flat.  If this is there, you need to make sure that there is a label on this to tell people about suffocation. A failure to have this there will cause the items to be pre bagged 
  • The warning needs to be placed in a location that’s easy to see, and a size font that’s legible on the bag 
  • The thickness needs to be at least 1.5 mil for most bags 
  • It must be seen through 
  • The bag needs a barcode that’s scannable in the bag, or have an ASIN or X00 on the outer part of the bag 
  • It must be totally sealed 
  • It must not stick out more than three inches past the product dimensions 

Scented items such as incense, candles, or even bully sticks that dogs can chew on, must be bagged and sealed to prevent that scent from being absorbed into different products 

All of the poly bags that are greater than five inches wide need to be used for different packaging and must have a suffocation warning on them. This is because it provides sellers with everything that they must do. 

Custom printing does need to have this warning, unless the person supplying this wants to have a generic warning about suffocation 

Also bear in mind that there are different font sizes to be used.  Some bags have even been sent to the business back from the FBA places as they didn’t follow the guidelines for the packaging. 

We also recommend that you add branding or logo to this. Printing one’s info for contacting is a good way to give customers every chance they can get to find out where their products are coming from. 

Many other kinds of prints are usually recommended for printing these packaging products directly from amazon. For electronics and other sensitive products, you might want to have a printed static shield bag to keep the statistic from getting to the product, and the bag printing tells the customers about said product. 

These minimums are important, as without them, they can cause you to waste money, especially after sending it back.  For best results, always make sure that the product follows these guidelines before you send it out, in order to get the best results from the product that you can.

With that said, talk to the supplier to find out about all of the right types of poly bags to do, along with fast turn times, minimums that are low, and also some of the other cool aspects that printed poly types of bags are used with retail and amazon packaging.

To get this, you just need to talk to a supplier to discuss the size of the bag, and the thickness that comes with it, along with desired artwork.  You get the minimums, the lead times, and the like, with most of these being shipped within 3 weeks or less.  Plus, you can also get some of these orders with free shipping if you buy in bulk. 

Food Packaging Options for Startups 

A lot of food startups are great to begin with, but they do come with some challenges. Most of this happens in the logistics, shipping, and the packaging sectors, as this can be a major part of the struggles one deals with to get success with their packaging.

Subscription boxes, different kits for cooking, even snacks and cookies are a great way to impress people, provided they are intact and fresh. You need good packaging to help with this.

The right food packaging helps with food displays, stands out, and also slows down the spoilage. You should make sure that the packaging options that are chosen are compliant with both the local and the state regulations. 

Good Options for startups that are FDA Approved 

You want to make sure that the options that you use for your food packaging are approved by the FDA in order to slow down the spoilage of food and make it fresh.

Most are rated in a way to allow for direct contact of food. 

There are some however that might need food separation, and other guidelines for contact packaging, and here, we’ll go over each of those. 

Vacuum Packaging 

This is the most popular, and it creates a vacuum seal. 

One of the biggest sources of the degradation of food is the oxygen that happens when it’s shipped, and this enhances the spoilage of items. Vacuum sealing is the best way to ensure product safety by lowering the amount of oxygen within the package.

How this works is pretty simple. You put the food in a barrier bag, and then, with the use of a machine, it encloses this within the product. It’s then sealed with an atmosphere modified in order to keep the food safe in the packaging.

The atmosphere there is a lot different from our natural atmosphere, most of the time without oxygen in order to preserve the shelf life and extend it without the use of a preservative. 

Some of them also have specific bags that create a barrier against oxygen.  Some barrier bags may also feature other means to increase the properties of the barriers.  You may however want to get a co-extruded bag, which is made from different materials.  All of these are FDA approved, and it keeps the oxygen out. 


Another one that’s done by a lot of butchers, confectioners, and even grocers and those in the food industries is overwrapping. It extends the shelf life use and is lightweight with a variety of advantages that come with this.

It’s basically those meats and veggies that you see on the grocery trays.  This is basically a machine that uses a wire that’s electrically heated, cutting the film to wrap this around the products. The bottom portions of these trays are placed on heated plates of fabric, in order to mend and shrink the wrapping that’s around the bottom portion of the tray.  This look, when finished, is a conformed packaging that’s placed in the tray of the product. 

They come in different levels of thickness too, and some are even tinted, in order to reduce the exports of light to the products that are there. Some also work with heavier meat cuts too. 

There are other types of shrink wrapping that are used too, in order to bundle the products together, the PVC can shrink wrap this, but it’s not used for direct types of food contact, but instead for bottles and other types of food packaging.

Whatever you use, know that it must be approved by the FDA to help with the packaging. 

Packaging for Custom t-Shirts 

People love to buy items online, and one thing that a lot of people like to get are t-shirts that are custom-made. Custom t-shirts come with their own unique styles to them. Many buy custom t-shirts to show them off to their friends.  Companies want to give their t-shirts the same love and packaging that the fans do when they get these shirts. 

Which is where the custom t-shirt box comes in.

Hinged lid boxes are actually becoming a lot more popular. This is a box with a lid on top that creates a hinge.  You can put some custom made or colorful tissue paper in there, and then the t-shirt itself, really enhancing the packaging that comes with this. 

There is another one, however, that’s recently become quite popular, especially amongst those who are younger. This is the snap lock base box, and this is one where there is a lock that snaps together, rolling all of this to create a box that’s easy to use, and very effective. 

These boxes are small enough that they won’t run major costs when you try to ship them, and they come with a digital printing process so you can make as many as you need. It usually uses the four color digital printing process to help with this, which is a good way to show off all of the colors, and the options for you to check out. 

In general, these boxes are different from the normal means of box printing that you might use for packaging. They provide a premier box that will really shine and stand out. For those looking to show off their designs not just in the form of the shirts on the site, but also in the boxes and packaging that they offer, this is the way for it to go. 

Now, what’s cool about this is the printing. You can add a simple white background with black lettering, a more monochrome style, then you’re good to go with these. 

One of the sides can be patterned in order to create a unique, sleek finish to each of the products that are there.  you’ll be amazed at the difference that this makes, especially when you’re trying to boost the packaging needs that you have.

You can also make sure that the boxes are fitting for the shirt. There are large rectangular boxes that are longer than wide, and they are good to create the traditional box feeling to them. Another unique style that’s become popular with t-shirt boxes, is the box that’s taller and wider, and adding more height. These are good to create a more ergonomic style, and really offers a unique means for you to really craft the most beautiful t-shirt packaging that’s out there.

The bottoms of this box are also very sturdy too, and they are simple to fold together to create a nice, effective and strong base that will handle jostles and motions during transit, in order to protect this high-quality product.

The next time you want to change the products that you have, and really enhance the t-shirts that you sell, look no further than these. There are a bunch of great, unique means to really improve the packaging that you offer, and you’ll be able to, with all of this, build the best packaging that you can, and from here, you’ll be able to create a custom t-shirts experience that you will enjoy, and one that, once you’re done with it, will get people excited to buy the shirts that you have to offer.